Brand spanking new here, still getting the feel of the place. So....some fun(ish) facts about me:

Names Bri,
i like long walks on the beach and.. woah wrong site (unoriginal fail ): ),
I'm sarcastic and extremely blunt,
minor obsession with music major obsession with fandom and just creativity in general,
amateur photographer professional procrastinator,
occasional writer,
being the nerdy gay gal that I am I love comic books (batwoman, superman, and batman mostly but am always looking for new reads) and video games,
and one more for the road I would probably do anything to meet Lea Michele and/or Eliza Dushku.

Fandom rundown: Glee, Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, Batman/Superman, Smallville, Bones

Wanna know more just ask and you shall receive.

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